The Lidder Story


As a tribute to the Lidder river, around whose valley we work, our new range of products reflect the beauty of this part of Kashmir.

ImageThese collections are being made by Kashmiri artisans in crafts that Kashmir is famous for – Pashmina, Papier Mache, wood carving to name a few. They are based on reflections of the river, the landscape through different seasons and the beautiful flowers and trees that grow wild in the river valley.

Here is our first attempt – hand painted wooden beads by an award-winning papier-mache painter, Maqbool Jan, strung together (with semi precious stone and glass beads) by our women. Could this be a new link between two communities that live side by side but have little interaction with each other? We hope so!ImageThere’s more to come – the first blossoms of daffodils when the snow starts to melt,  apple blossoms in spring time, the daisy covered fields that go on for miles when spring strides into summer, the bright yellow poplar leaves and fallen pine cones in Autumn,  the red twigs of apple trees in winter….. so much more….


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