Lunch with the Badshah!

And here we were, all excited about the lunch Ramneek had to attend in Srinagar hobnobbing with the who’s who of the Indian Industry and the one man our┬ánation watches these days with bated breath – Rahul Gandhi.

The lunch went well, our project enquired by our esteemed guest of honor or was it the host of honor in this case since we were guests?! We told all we knew and some more about it. Ramneek couldn’t wait to share her excitement with the women back in Langanbal.

The next morning, the women were informed excitedly about the lunch and the little tete a tete with Rahulji.…… and …… they had blank faces. Some a bit puzzled but most looked amused. So Ramneek asked if they had heard of Rahul G? “No” nodded the 3 dozen heads. Have they heard of Sonia G? No again…. well, at least Manmohan Singh?

A bit embarrassed that they weren’t abreast with worldly politics, the oldest and wisest of our women piped in, “Oh! Him! Yes, yes. Isn’t he the Badshah of Hindustan?”